We specialize in private, small group and family classes.  We schedule around our students needs.  If you want to take classes give us a call and we will get you scheduled.  Have your own pool?  We will come to you.

We limit our open water class size to 6 students.    

If you are getting certified to dive on a vacation it is very important to schedule your classes at least 2 months in advance of your departure.  This leaves plenty of time for additional practice sessions if there is any difficulty with accomplishing the skills. The skills are not difficult, but can be challenging to some people. If you are wanting to do your certification dives at the warm water destination we need this time to co-ordinate with the destination dive shop that will be doing your certification dives.  DO NOT WAIT until the last minute!

​We maybe able to schedule a short notice certification, but there is additional cost to do so. 

The pool is open for extra practice for students who are having difficulties with skills, or certified divers wanting to try out their gear prior to using it in open water or want to try a piece of gear before deciding to purchase. There must be less than 6 students and not marked private. Please call ahead to make arrangements.  $10 charge for gear and air.  If you have your own, no charge.  If you need a Dive Pro to work with you it is $25.00 per hour minimum charge of 1 hour.  Please be respectfull of the Instructors and students who are in class. Keep noise to a minimum and stay out of their operating area.


10 years old is the minimum age for scuba certification.  We do have snorkeling classes for younger students.  We assess the prospective student for maturity level and how well they follow direction.  Parents are usually the best judge of their childs abilities. 

Click on the  calendar event you are interested in  for more information.

 Scuba Experiences

    Scuba Updates

We run scuba experiences and scuba skills updates any time there is a class with less than 6 students and not listed as private.

We can also schedule one for you if you don't see a class on the schedule.

​Just give us a call.



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We schedule your classes  around your schedule. You complete your lessons on your computer, iPad, or smart phone when and where it is convenient for you. We then have workshops to discuss the lesson material , and provide a forum for the instructors to share their knowledge about diving.  You may also ask any questions you have concerning the material you studied during the week.   The open water check out dives are scheduled soon after the last class.  Our check out dives can be done in several locations depending on availability and diving conditions.  You will know on the first day of class where we will be diving.
If you prefer to do your check out dives at a warm water destination we can arrange a trip for you to a great dive resort or live aboard dive boat.  We can also do referrals if already made vacation plans.
Another option is to take your Instructor with you to complete your open water dives at 
your travel destination. This of course requires advance notification, and additional expense.


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