jake miller

Jake tried scuba for the first time in Belize in 2008. He instantly fell in love with diving and got certified as soon as he returned home.  He now shares his passion with as many people as possible.  He is an SSI Dive Con (Assistant Instructor).  


  • We use Ocean Quest Dive Charters LLC in Des Moines, WA for dive trips

Diving Equipment:

  • We carry ScubaPro, Sub Gear, Tusa, Waterproof and Mares collections. 
  • Our Max Air SE90 FD compressor supplies the divers with first-quality pure air.
  • We have our air tested by an independent lab  every 3 months.  TRI Air Testing Inc.
  • All our regulators and safe seconds are sanitized as you watch for your health and safety.

About our shop

Jesse Higgins ( Lil Mac)

Lil Mac is our Regulator Service Technician.  He is also a Dive Master.  He loves to dive and search for treasures.

He has recovered GoPros, a Sony Camcorder, $100 bill floating over Jonesy's head, and miscellaneous other items.

Your gear is in good hands when you entrust it to us for your service needs.  He just completed the ScubaPro Expert Technician certification.

​Way to go!


Jesse and Josh's (Jonesy) lives changed after their first dives.  They knew the ocean would become a part of their life.    NW Scuba LLC is the result of their dreams and passion.   NW Scuba LLC  is devoted to giving our clients the same thrilling experience we all had.  Come dive with us and share the adventure.
Never been in the ocean? Don't worry! NW Scuba LLC works with new divers and swimmers, and clients of all ages. We've taken families on full snorkel trips to Hawaii, and also helped certify couples in SCUBA before they left for their honeymoons. Let us help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other.
We're outfitted to help you make a splash.

Our team members


Founded in 2014 NW Scuba LLC was the result of our local dive shop closing.  We love to dive and to share that love by teaching new divers.  Let us help you discover the beauty of the ocean, its inhabitants and its mystery. From classes and excursions to special events hosted by our experts, we're here to connect you with the sea.

our philosophy

We are part of a great community.  Besides being underwater the best part of diving is the people you meet.  We don't think of you as customers, but as fellow divers and friends.

We strive to make your experience with us the best in the business.   

Come join us in some awesome adventures.

Tim Howard

Tim is Jesse's brother and is a retired commercial diver.  He has done just about everything from the Bearing Sea, to Australia, and S. Africa.  He has done underwater construction, dove in nuclear power plants, dams, treasure hunting, and the not so savory sewage treatment plants and oil holding tanks.

Unfortunately this took a toll on his not so young body and he is no longer able to dive.

He likes to hang out in the shop and talk diving.

Come into the shop and if he's here chat him up.

               Jesse morgan

Jesse retired from working for "The Man" in 2013, and is now working harder than ever at the shop.  He loves to dive and to hang out talking about diving.
He is living the dream now, but can't wait to upgrade the dream when Jonesy retires. Then he can lounge around on the dive boat in some nice warm, sunny local. Jesse is an assistant instructor (Dive Con).
  • Veteran Owned and Operated
  • Military, Veteran, Emergency Services Discounts
  • Dive club meetings monthly
  • Instructor certified by scouts to teach scuba for merit badges
  • Snorkeling
  • Open-water scuba certification
  • Advanced SCUBA programs
  • Water safety equipment
  • CPR and other safety training
  • SCUBA certification programs
  • International travel with our travel partner OTR Scuba Adventures
  • Annual group trips
  • Commercial & dive team equip.
  • Full Rental Department
  • Certified Equipment Repair
  • Air Fills (Scuba, Paintball, Avalanch Bags
  • Cylinder Inspections & Hydros

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      Joshua  jones ( jonesy)

Jonesy is a NAUI instructor.
He is a very busy guy! He runs a large construction business when he is not shlepping tanks to and from classes, doing what needs to be done at the shop, and finally working in a few of minutes to sleep.
His dream is to retire (8 years to go), buy a dive boat and run dive trips in exotic locations around the world.